RhinoChill® Advantage

The RhinoChill® IntraNasal Cooling System is designed to overcome limitations of other temperature reduction technologies – limitations that prevent early and rapid initiation of patient cooling.

Current commercially available cooling methods are induced by invasive means, in which a catheter is placed in the inferior vena cava via the femoral vein, or by non-invasive means, usually involving chilled water blankets in direct contact with the patient’s skin.

  • Surface cooling devices such as water-filled blankets and pads, while easy to apply, are inefficient, cumbersome, require large refrigeration units and may interfere with patient management.
  • Intravascular cooling devices which cool the blood, while more efficient than surface cooling devices, are invasive, require large refrigeration units, and need to be placed by specially trained physicians under restricted conditions. The invasive nature of these devices carries risk of additional complications.

The RhinoChill System uses a non-invasive nasal catheter that sprays a rapidly evaporating coolant liquid into the nasal cavity, a large cavity that is a heat exchanger and lies right under the brain.

Enabling earlier and safe administration of therapeutic hypothermia, the RhinoChill System’s proprietary battery powered design is portable and compact for efficient use in the field. As a result, non-specialized medical personnel can begin the brain cooling intra-arrest – before the return of spontaneous circulation.


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