Clinical Approach

BeneChill’s clinical approach has focused first on the use of the RhinoChill in cardiac arrest as the clinical evidence for cooling during cardiac arrest outweighs the clinical evidence for cooling after stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Further programs are undertaking small safety and performance studies in stroke with plans to perform a larger randomized stroke study in the future.  Similarly, BeneChill’s clinical program will likely perform small safety/feasibility studies in TBI in the future.

Future Clinical Trials

On-going, physician-sponsored studies include the PRINCESS cardiac arrest study and a small stroke study. The aim of the PRINCESS study is to initiate cooling much earlier during the arrest in an attempt to improve outcomes further. The purpose of the the small stroke study, which is being conducted in Heidelberg, Germany, is to compare ease-of-use, cooling efficacy and hemodynamics using different cooling techniques.

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